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Christmas eve was mostly a bust in my book. I was so very very tired all bleeding day. I forgot to get some green veg for dinner and the bakery had run out of breadcrumbs so I decided to try boxed stuffing here (no Stovetop here). It was NASTY. Even doctoring it with bacon and butter and deglazing with white wine could not help it. So you know it was bad! However, my mulled wine was great. Little B has taken to Chacha Big B like velcro.

In fact, this Christmas morning my son is giving me the best gift ever: he has slept for more than hour after I crawled out of bed. I'm still tired as he was snorgling and snoring all night long with a snot-filled nose. But I've had an entire cup of tea, two pieces of toast, and I've read all my internet pages and a whole article - all with out boobie molestation! Merry Christmas indeed!

In half an hour my parents are skyping from Australia. I think it's time to warm up the remainder of the mulled wine. It's not too early. I mean, mulled wine doesn't count because it's warm, right?
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I think Bennett is about to learn to knit or speak full sentences or something. Last night he was all over the place! Nurse, nurse, nurse, and squirm and rotate and flip and get up and walk around the bedroom.... It reminded me of right before he got the hang of crawling and he was up on all fours practicing in the night.

This morning he is a nursing, fussy boy. He doesn't seem to know what he wants. Thankfully all I've got to do today is grocery shop, organize the living room, wrap some presents (which I'll do when B is napping), and cook.

And drink. Perhaps a lot.


Dec. 23rd, 2009 09:44 pm
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I do like Christmas. I really really do. For the few weeks gearing up for the carol service (now almost 2 weeks ago) I felt Christmas-y, but once it was done I just felt winter-y with the snow and the cold. However, I'm feeling the spirit again. Tonight my sister and nieces skyped with us and we opened presents. I scored a great scarf/hat wrap thing and a pair of warm socks. You know you're old when hats and socks are great presents!

Tomorrow the real fun begins: cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking. Adam's brother, ChaCha (which means uncle - specifically the father's brother - in Hindi), arrives. He gets into Heathrow at 9am and then takes the train to Carmarthen and then the bus here. We expect him for dinner. I am making a roast chicken dinner with potatoes and carrots and stuffing. Possibly a green veg. Mulled wine. And maybe a dessert. Adam always makes cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas. It would be great if B would nap tomorrow like he did today: 3 hours.


Dec. 20th, 2009 07:18 pm
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Tomorrow is the longest night of the year. It's also a Monday. That doesn't mean a whole lot around these parts these days. Christmas we'll open presents. Christmas Eve is going to be joyful because that evening Adam's brother, whom we call ChaCha, is coming to visit for 10 whole days! I am planning a small feast for us that night. But what to do tomorrow? I don't really know what to do to celebrate it.

I do plan to spend some time looking at the moon. I am going to go to the library and look for books about the moon. Bennett has become fascinated with the moon and he'll pull out any book or picture with a moon in it. Candles. Hanging out 'round the fire. I'd like to mark the peak of the dark, but don't have any good ideas. Once upon a time, I'd mull wine, stay up late, throw a party, but with a wee one, and a husband who doesn't like mulled wine, those options are out.


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