Jan. 11th, 2010

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It all started last night when Adam made dinner and we had a couple and their baby over. We have one other couple as 'friends' - but frankly, the man is a workaholic and I think the woman is depressed. Hanging out with them is such *work.* In fact, being friends with them reminds me of a past friendship I had where all the work was one sided. I realized last night I was replaying those patterns. All it took was making new friends who weren't work. This new couple is fun and engaged and funny. They gave up their careers to move here to follow their dreams: family and cooking. Awesome. Already our kind of people. Their little boy is only 5 months old and reminds me of Bennett: small, alert, happy, chill, big eyes, snuggly.

Anyway, new couple came up for dinner. We drank red wine, Adam made his AMAZING cheese burgers, I made a zesty carrot/cilantro salad and for dessert, brownies with cream cheese frosting. We talked and laughed and YAY. Sweet jesus, we've been missing friends.

Then this morning we started our day with the postman arriving at 8am to deliver a big package. [livejournal.com profile] hraftinna and [livejournal.com profile] alizarin71 sent us gifts! I received a wonderful black and grey woolly sweater. YAY! Bennett received a super soft stuffed donkey. Adam received a beautiful pen set. So thoughtful and the best way to start the day!

It is Monday so next Bennett and I went to the breastfeeding play group. Fun was had and it always without fail puts B to sleep when we get home. And he's been happy all day long. The time spent alone did wonders for Adam too. He had a massive emotional breakthrough around some crap he's been carrying around with him and he's been in a great mood all day too!

Lastly, the washing machine repairman came and fixed our machine. It was a hair pin stuck in the filter. I guess I didn't know what to feel for when I rooted around in there. A load of wash is now drying! When we're finally caught up (in another day or two) Bennett can go back to cloth nappies. YAY.

For tonight we have just enough left over ingredients for more burgers and the last of the wine. And right now, Bennett is playing in the box the gifts came in while I drink a hot beverage in front of the fire.

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These kids are my new creative heroes. Parody of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video.


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