Jan. 31st, 2010

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It snowed again. Adam is not pleased. The moon was so bright last night I probably could have sat outside and read if I'd wanted to freeze my ass off.

But, let me tell you about my night. It was kind of exciting. Had Adam not been there B would have died. B and I were sleeping on the air mattress on the floor (we're transitioning him out of our bed). He didn't fall asleep until 12.30. He does this about 3 times a week - just won't fall asleep. Ugh. I was so tired and I crashed so hard that I didn't hear B choking on his own vomit at 4am. He was lying on his back and I woke up because Adam called out to B as he rolled over to attend the situation. Thankfully, I managed to roll B over onto his stomach and get the vomit out of his mouth. Cue sheet change #1 and nursing session.

We all got back into the big bed together, settled down, just drifting off to sleep when B exploded with even more vomit. All over the duvet, sheets and all of our jammies. Cue sheet change #2 and jammie change for all. Around 6.45 we finally had wound down enough to go back to sleep. Ugh.

Turns out Adam had given B some jalapenos in his dinner. B is fine this morning. But, wow, does he need a bath. Thank god for Adam.


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