Apr. 27th, 2010

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[livejournal.com profile] erinya commented on my last post and got me thinking. Bennett is discovering male and female. Erinya liked that I asked if he wanted to be a woman when he shook his head no when I told him he was going to be a man. I realize that gender is something we're not supposed to play around with. I mean, I know this in grown up life. If you're gender-queer or a cross-dresser or transgender or just plain don't conform then you're in Big Trouble. But for kids gender continues to be Serious Business. Of course there's the whole pink/blue nonsense and I would probably die of a brain aneurysm if I had to watch children's advertising. But how is it bold to suggest to my toddler that he could be a woman? We play pretend all the time. Kids pretend to be fire trucks, dogs, lions, ghosts, monsters, etc and we don't bat an eye. But to let a boy play girl or a girl play boy... well, that's radical.

I suppose the radical part is that I seriously believe my son can be anything he wants to be. And if he grows up to be a woman, so be it. I admit that my heart would break (and heal up) if he felt so disembodied that he needed to surgically and hormonally alter it - since I love every pore on his little body, every hair and curve and crease. I have had a loved one go through that before and it was deeply difficult. But, ultimately, I want my son to be happy. I don't care if he's male or female, gay or straight or bi or poly or monogamous or asexual. I just want him to not be a jackass and to be happy with healthy relationships.

So far, he seems very boyish: trucks, cars, ka-pow, hitting, wands, and penises (which we call penne). But whatever.
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Yesterday, on a different thread elsewhere, some one said this about me:

"I have seen you comment in other friends' journal, and you know it's funny you ask- I have ALWAYS wanted to say how I have this hunch that you're going to really do something. Like, you stink of potential and good works. Stink's a bad way to put it, you smell nice? I don't know, it just seems creepy to me to randomly tell you that I think you're going to be someone amazing- but that's the truth of it. Someone who does serious things. Someone who actually embodies the whole, "You never know what impact one life can make". I mean, I am not saying you're going to be jesus or anything but something feels very strongly positive about you, like what you will do. I know that isn't cards, but it's actually something that's been on my mind when I see you comment for a long time."



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