Apr. 29th, 2010

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I've been asked my thoughts on the Arizona immigration law. It's impressive how well informed people are about US news. Of course, after living in the US my standards for informed people are pretty low. I have to say that I don't know much about it. [livejournal.com profile] snowcalla is basically my only source at this point! And the Daily Show. Hee. I figure the Economist will clue me in next week too. It's hard to get too worked up about it, even though I think it's a terrible law. But, of course, I do have some opinions!

Firstly, I'm wary of spouting off on Arizona. I think this law is a reaction to specific issues in the state. I have always been wary of people spouting off about Alaska and it's issues, including opening ANWR and wolf culling. Most people get all worked up, but don't really understand the complexities of the issues. (And do not get me started on the idea of 'untouched wilderness.') So I'm going to ignore Arizona, since I don't know anything about it.

Secondly, and I'm not defending the law, mind, but if the US as a whole won't deal with the issue of immigration, then I guess the citizens of Arizona have to take the lead. Even if Congress start debating this issue I can't see any real change occurring. It will be like health care - a start. But as we've seen, even though everyone will get health care, but it's still at the mercy of the insurance business and the medical-industrial complex. I see the same thing happening in immigration issues: band-aid beginnings. Unless the US is willing to pay the REAL COST of food corporate farms, producers, meat packers, restaurants, etc will continue to hire (and in many cases BUS IN) illegal immigrants to do the work that US citizens refuse to do for such low pay in such abysmal conditions. Are you willing to pick produce in the California sun for less than a dollar a boxful? Yeah, I didn't think so. And are you willing to pay $9 for strawberries? Or $11/lb for sustainably raised, ethically slaughtered, grass fed beef? No? Then chances are good you won't want to pay that much for feedlot fed, mechanically slaughtered meat when US citizens are working the cattle yard.

My liberal compatriots in the United States are all up in arms over this Arizona bill - and my conservative friends want stricter enforcement - but if they/we are serious about creating immigration reform then we've got to look at the much bigger and more uncomfortable picture.
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I created a wish list on the UK Amazon.

My birthday is coming up. In 5 weeks I'll be 35. Dood. For some reason this birthday makes me feel old. Maybe it's just motherhood that has aged me.
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We've had a little money come in. Phew. We recently ordered a memory foam mattress topper for our crappy bed. It's amazing and we're sleeping so much better.

I'm going to Roehampton (outer London) on Tuesday and I'm stunned at how expensive the 5.5 hour train ride is! And there's a 40 minute bus ride to get to the train station. Eesh. And then there's two night stay in the convent where I'll be staying. Plus meals. But I'm excited. I want to go to a movie and eat sushi.

But I'm also super happy because I just ordered some things from here and a couple of books from my book wish list. The next two weeks are going to be exciting as I wait for the postman!

Now to order B's birthday present.


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