May. 3rd, 2010

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Tomorrow morning I leave for greater London, Roehampton specifically. Short of the train station and Heathrow airport, I've never been to London. I also realized today that I haven't traveled without either Bennett or Adam in over two years. I am *really* looking forward to the time by myself. Since I'm still nursing B during the daytime I expect to be quite sore but I'm only gone til mid afternoon on Thursday. Not that long. And if B weans... so be it.

The trip is quite long for such a short visit. A 40 minute bus ride to the train station, a 5.5 hour train ride. But I'll get to read, work on my paper, stare out the window, and listen to music. BY MYSELF. My adviser is meeting me at the train station, walking me to the convent where I'll be sleeping (yes, you read that right, a convent), and taking for me tea. She has to teach an evening class, so I'll be on my own. I know nothing of Roehampton, except it's green and well-to-do. I am hoping to find some sort of thai/sushi/Korean dinner and then go see a movie. It's a me date! Wednesday will be all about meeting professors and admin folk, discussing transferring and other academic stuff. I don't really know what to expect. If there's time and I can find a place, I'm desperate for a new pair of trousers - I am literally wearing holes into all the ones I have.

I don't expect to have access to internet til evening time on Thursday. See you in a few days!


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