Jun. 22nd, 2010

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These days it's all 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

Bennett is starting to self-regulate. Which is awesome. In food, he's starting to get really verbal about when he's hungry and what he wants. He even has his own set of crackers in an easy to reach cupboard for whenever he wants a snack. It's fab. (Step forward) But he's still nursing like his life depends on it. (Step back) In bed time, he's starting to put himself to bed and tell us when he's tired: 'Bennett cama. Mama. Cama.' [cama=bed] This is fab. Lately we have had several nights in a row when after the diaper change and jammies and whatnot, he wants to go to bed. There's usually some playing and then.... he asks for boo-boo and 'sing'. (Step forward) Even for naps he's telling us he wants cama and will go lay down in it. (Step forward) Of course, this is not completely consistent and we still have some nights where he just won't go to sleep and there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. (step back)

In diaper land, he is more and more aware of potties. He's peed in the big toilet twice. (step forward) Will not pee in a toddler potty. And during naked time will pee on the floor. (step back) But he's stopped freaking out when he poops! (step forward)

His language is fabulous. Turns out he knows that I have a name other than mama. Adam asked him, out of the blue, who N--- was and he pointed to me. Cool! His languages are all muddled together, but no matter. He's started two mornings a week at this wonderful day care centre here and it's mainly Welsh speaking.

Just like as adults our best traits can simultaneously be our biggest weaknesses, the same holds true for Bennett. He's always been a pretty chill kid (except for the nighttime thing). He's huggy, loves people, loves to interact, isn't phased if a kid whacks him or snatches his toy. In fact, B doesn't really care about toys. His favorite go-to toys? Butter knives, the kitchen tongs, our computers, balls - whatever random house hold object he can find. Puzzles? Games? Snooze. But all of this means that he also doesn't like playing by himself much or being alone. He's really *really* into interacting. So all that being chill folds over into being high maintenance.

What else? Oh yeah. This kid will not grow any more teeth. At nearly 25 months, he has grown 12 (of which, he has 9). I feel around every few days and - nope.


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