Jun. 23rd, 2010

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It’s not that nothing is happening in my world, it’s that it is all happening up in my head. Lampeter is a quiet place. In recent ‘excitement’ a couple of jack-asses destroyed over 40 graves at the cemetery two weeks ago. They’ve been arrested, thankfully. Desecrating graves? Not a wise idea. The Urdd Eisteddfod came and went. Now it’s World Cup. The University is a mess and the theology dept is imploding; the TRS building has long felt like a ghost town, but it feels that way even more so. The town doesn’t seem to be feeling this as far as I can see.

On a personal note, I’m all up in my head and Adam is dealing with Big Things. I really want to write about some of it, but that doesn't seem right since it’s not my stuff. For me, I’m having a great back and forth about religion and spirituality with one of my cousins on Facebook. I’m petitioning the Uni for all of my fees. I’m reading some mind-blowing stuff about Temple Judaism and its influence on Christianity. Basically, if she’s right, and her arguments appear really solid (though I’m no Biblical scholar and do not have any of the languages), it throws the conventional understanding of the Bible and Christianity on its ear. My brain hurts a little, I confess.

(I just posted a really long post about Barker's writing to my theology filter. If you're not on it and want to be, just let me know.)


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