Jan. 21st, 2010

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Bennett has discovered Outside. The other day I was letting him 'air out' - go diaper free, he had socks and shirts but a bare tush. I was in the bedroom getting dressed when I thought 'it's awfully quiet' (you know any kid story has a good ending when that phrase comes up!) I came out into the hall and noticed the front doors wide open. Bennett was out on the front walk, which was wet from rain, in his socks and bare butt. I shouted his name and he took of running down the side walk. I couldn't scold him because I was laughing so hard. Little bare tushes running down the street? Adorable.

Later that day, at play group, he snuck out of the building, leading another little kid. He was running over to the construction workers on the side of the building! It was one of those 'I was right next to him, I turned away to look at something and he was gone!' moments.

Adam tells me yesterday he ran out of the house to sit in the front lawn (again, wet, no shoes). We are now locking the doors to keep the bub in.

In other news, Bennett is sleeping really well! He definitely needs more space and he's got the air mattress next to the bed. However, it has been COLD in the late night/early morning so I go down to snuggle with him. But it's MUCH colder on the floor and I don't sleep well, so B is in great shape and once again I'm knackered. I keep nodding off while reading in my office.


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