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What a great trip.

I love Seattle: the geography, the climate, the neighborhoods, the COFFEE. I can't believe I've spent nearly 6 years in the Bay Area. Seattle goes back high on the list of places to move to after Wales. Especially now that I have many friends that live there, and friends with kids who seem to have similar parenting styles as Adam and me.

The trip wasn't exciting so much as just really really nice. Highlights include hanging out with Twig and her husband, being surrounded by green and trees, watching Bennett be so freaking happy and sweet with everyone he met, and meeting LJ mama friends in the flesh!

[ profile] imp_of_satan and I met up on Friday, which also happened to be my birthday. She bought me lunch at a Tibetan/Nepalese place on Capitol Hill. Our babies played some and we walked to coffee afterwards. Ms Imp is gorgeous. She posts a lot of pictures of herself, but they don't hold a candle to her in the flesh. The next day [ profile] livingdeadpan and [ profile] miss_swamp came over with their twins. That was tons of fun, because the boys got to play for a couple hours.

I think Bennett might actually be getting big for his age. He is taller than a 14 month old we met (whose parents are both 6 feet tall) and I think he weighs 26 pounds. When did my preemie become such a big guy? He's also taken to saying to hi to every one and giving kisses. My goodness, I adore I my babe!

I am exhausted tonight. Adam made dinner and put B down for the night. I think I may go through myself in bed here soon.


Jun. 4th, 2009 07:22 am
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Leaving for Seattle later this morning. In three hours. We are NOT prepared. Still to do:
shower, bathe the boy, laundry, pack, feed and dress B, wrap a present, any bit of yoga or other such practice.

I'm so excited for a change of scenery and climate! I'm so excited to see Twig. She is like a sister to me. I can't wait to show off lil' B and to see him play with other little boys. And YAY! I get to meet, in the flesh, [ profile] imp_of_satan and her boy Henry, and [ profile] miss_swamp and [ profile] livingdeadpan and their twins, Bobby and Drew. Smooches for all!

Must remember to take the camera.

Off to make lists and finish my tea.

ETA: Most likely I'll be off line until Sunday night.
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I'm coming for real! I'll be arriving the afternoon of June 4th, leaving the afternoon of June 7th.

[ profile] imp_of_satan, can we hang on Friday?
[ profile] miss_swamp and [ profile] livingdeadpan, can we hang too?

Anyone else up in Seattle that I'm missing?
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[ profile] miss_swamp, [ profile] livingdeadpan, and [ profile] imp_of_satan I am planning a trip to Seattle in May. I'll be staying with my friend, Twig, but I want to know what dates in May you are available for me to come meet you and kiss your babies! Second question, do I bring Bennett? Going three days with out breastfeeding doesn't sound like a good idea. But a weekend of autonomy sounds blissful.

Am I missing any one? Any one else up in Seattle?
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*Spent last weekend in damp, verdant Seattle. I couldn't look out the window at the dry, concrete sprawl of the Bay Area as we were landing. It was just too depressing.

*Seattle, Capitol Hill especially, is a dog town. I saw more wonderful, happy, big dogs there in one hour than I've seen all year here.

*Weddings weddings weddings

*It's a media glut! Three new CDs - remixes of Feist (how catchy is that Mushaboom song?!), Rufus Wainwright's newest, and Bjork's Volta (weird and amazing. of course.). Saw Dream Girls the other night. Only a so-so movie, but so well cast. Holy shit, did anyone else know that Eddie Murphy could sing like that? And JENNIFER HUDSON. WOW. In books, I plowed through Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma and I really liked it. So well written, so balanced. I should write something more thoughtful about it, but really, it's all been said before and it's as good as everyone says it is. I am now ripping my way through Manifesta, a book on third wave feminism that came out in 2000. Makes me want to be a little less self absorbed and go out and do something for others.

*Got fitted for contact lenses for the first time ever. I love glasses, but it's time to mix it up. I've been wearing glasses for just about 25 years and the eye doctor asked me what took so long. Coulda smacked him. Even funnier, the nice lady eye doctor wouldn't let me stick the contact in my own eye and I had to fight the urge to punch her when she stuck that plastic disc in my eye. I was like, "BITCH, get your finger outta my eye!!" I didn't say that out loud, but fer real. I had a physical urge to smack her. Eyelashes keep things OUT of the ol' eye and here we are sticking shit in it. Unnatural.

*My life is full, over flowing. Don't often have time to process anything intellectual or emotional. When not in a flurry of doing I am diving into the abyss of a book or a movie.
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It's been wet and grey in Seattle. Tired. Not rested, possibly more stressed out, but grateful to be here in the PNW. I love this climate, this geography, however I find myself missing the dynamism of the Bay Area. Hard to parse this, but I'm not giving myself much time to. Who cares? Just get me to Glo's for breakfast. Yesterday was down town architecture sites and hanging with Anna, she is good people. Today is Cap Hill and heading back to Okaland late. Not the trip I was hoping for, but it's good to be here nonetheless.
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I am thoroughly distracted with planning my wedding. T minus 6 weeks 'til I leave for Juneau and 7 weeks 'til the big day. Planning a wedding in another state is stressful. Thinking about the credit card debt (and this is no big white industry wedding either) is also stressful. So is trying to figure out how to get a student loan for a foreign school in the next 6 weeks.

In the meantime, Adam and I are doing some traveling. This weekend we are going to Seattle, where Adam shall visit the Pacific North West for the first time. On the schedule are such architectural marvels as the EMP and the Seattle Public Library. Also, the underground tour, which I've never done, a hike somewhere, a BBQ, and my favorite Capitol Hill places. Can't wait for the green, the trees, the North West feel, and even a face or two from Alaska.
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I love Seattle. On this trip I got to do everything I was hoping to do. I wandered around old haunts, including my old employer Bailey/Coy Books, a fantastic bookstore that taught me much, Victrola Coffee on 15th and Sonic Boom records, my favorite indie cd store ever. I purchased things at these places: Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Gilead, and 4 new cds, an extravagance for sure. I purchased the new Beth Orton, Hem's collection of covers and live tracks, the newest Verve Remixed, and the Jenny Lewis solo album (she fronts for Rilo Kiley and is the female voice of the Postal Service). Not that I've had a chance to listen to any of these yet. That is one downside to having switched over to the ubiquitous ipod. I got to eat at many of my favorite eateries. Such joy! I also got to attend a women's hockey game, a Science Center elementary school show, both courtesy of my college roommate, as well as spend quality time with her parents, who give Christians a good name.

Perhaps the highlight of my trip was seeing the new Seattle Public Library, designed by Rem Koolhaas. It's amazing. Functional art at it's best and wackiest. Everything is super environmental too. This slide show will give you a good idea of the space.
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In the last month I have been to L.A., Anchorage, and Seattle. I now plan to stay home a bit more, spring clean my apartment over the next 3 weeks, as well as spring clean myself with Lent. I like Lent for that reason. Not the "I'm giving stuff up (like chocolate. please.) so I can suffer with Jesus" baloney, but the "I'm going vegan and giving up alcohol in an effort to cleanse myself both internally and externally, in keeping with the season -after heavy winter foods and preparing for the burst of true spring coming soon- and in keeping with all the great spiritual traditions that have recognized a need to clear away excess in order to invite in something special." That's Lent to me.

Along the lines of simplification, cleansing, and restoring balance to one's life, I am 99% decided to forgo PhD studies at this time. I've been dragging my heals on the application. I've been thinking of it in terms of "Once I get my advanced degree, then I'll take myself seriously." Bullshit. It's clear I have the skills and support to get a PhD. I've got the languages, the research skills, the enjoyment for reading and school, but I do not have the desire to grow up to be a university professor. Listening to a couple of friends talk about their programs, their struggles, the publishing, the departmental politics.... I do not care about any of that. Therefore, I can a write a book on my own time and not have to stress about extra debt. I can always go back for that PhD if it becomes crucial to my career. That's my reasoning. I feel almost entirely convinced. It's just hard to give up a plan I've had for myself since I was about 12. Good thing it's Lent.

(Also, I want to move to Seattle tomorrow. I don't care how great my job is. Oakland, the Bay Area, Berkeley especially, I'm done with you - you of the overpriced everything and the uninspiring food, and massive sprawl, unmasked by verdant trees and undistracted by snow peaked mountain ranges, you of the fancy car owning hordes.)
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There was no sleep last night. Elliott, when not pressing his face wistfully up against the windows, gave me good snuggles. I had a dream about finding funding for my summer. I was writing publishers, asking if they wanted to donate money to my research. I must get on that: must figure out how to pay for summer.

I don't want to do any of the work that needs to be done. I am going to crawl back in bed for the rest of the morning. I can wallow in being sad for at least a day. Maybe I can find the tears I swallowed hard last night.

I've discovered that I am much more patient than I ever gave myself credit for. I am solid and steady - here is the fruit of my choices. As I was flying over Seattle on my way back to CA I realized that I would not change any of my choices. The flight over Seattle was amazing. I could see the route we used to take to Golden Gardens to walk the dog; there was Stone Gardens; the Fremont Bridge; EMP in all its shiny glory; Pike Place; and the Art Institute, which by the end of our time there I could get to with my eyes shut. A bitterweet flash back of Seattle, but I would not change my experiences for anything. Looking down out from the metal tube hurtling through the sky, I felt centered and I still feel that way.
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Talked about the soul/body in Christian anthroplogy today. Good stuff. No matter how brilliant Aquinas was he was still a misogynist ass. Despite the institutionalized Chruch's ignorant emphasis on negative body talk, there is little in actual theology to support it. And if the soul is a nongendered and highly individual entity and only our physical body takes on a sexed gender..... hmmmmm.....???? I'm thinking about the implications of this on transgendered folk. I don't know what's already out there. I'd like to see work like this come from a real scholarly, Catholic or Orthodox background, rather than the fruity hoo-ha of liberal Christianity, but my suspicion is that only us fruity liberals will tackle this sort of stuff.

On a less theological note, I had a long conversastion with C. yesterday. Talking is always always always good and always hard and thought provoking. The two o'clock hour is reserved for Carrick thoughts and prayers. I'm envious of his visit to Seattle. Our old stomping ground: he's having coffee with my fantastic friend Airen at a fantastic coffee shop, he's gonna eat some of our favorite pizza, he's going to hear live music. Ah, the Hill. Nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia

Maybe there will be more posts later. I'm looking forward to a day of grocery shopping (making vegan pizza tonight....ah, nostalgia), hanging with Angela doing reading and laundry, having movie night with the crew in 202. It's a double feature of Big Lebowski and Chasing Amy. Whee!


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