Mar. 23rd, 2010

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Thank you all to those who responded. Please feel free to add your opinions/knowledge.

All of you gave me really interesting, smart perspectives on this. Nobody is satisfied with this bill (as far as I can tell) but many are split on whether or not it's worth it to pass such a flawed bill.

The cons for me: it doesn't address all the issues that are important to me, health care is still in the hands of huge insurance companies leaving care basically a for profit industry, health care costs will rise for the middle class, people should not be penalized if they choose to go with out health insurance.

The pros: Pumping breast milk is legal no matter where you work, no one can be denied for pre-existing conditions, more lower income people will have access to insurance, but the most important pro for me is that it's a start. A humble and problematic one, but a start.

I think many of the details will continue to be contested, as they should be. I hope that in a generation or two there will be health care in the US that the majority of people will be proud of and happy to have. I really wish that the US wasn't so skeptical of all things socialist, because the NHS system in the UK is really blowing my mind. It's not perfect, and if you're wealthy you do have access to other private forms of care, but my basic health care needs are FREE and accessible.


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