Mar. 27th, 2010

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We keep waiting for some one to save us. Some external force to sweep us off our feet, swoop down, legislate, give us a magic cure. A magic diet for our body issues, the True Love that will relieve us of our loneliness or dissatisfying relationships, the make over that reveals we were beautiful all along, the audience that confirms our brilliance, the Saviour that will come down from heaven and restore our Faith and Truth. But these are external forces of salvation. No one can make us feel beautiful, worthy, or powerful if we don't believe these things first. We have to realize those things on our own. No one can save the world if we don't. Who else is going to care for this earth if we don't? Who else is going to stop war, injustice, and grief if we don't?

We save ourselves and each other. THAT is what Jesus revealed (among a few other things). We are of worth. Matter and spirit are entwined. God is with/in us. He wasn't a substitution. We sacrifice ourselves all the time, just usually we are sacrificing our hope, our self-worth, our joy at the altar of deception and duality. What do I let deceive me? We save ourselves every time we embrace wholeness, every time we move from a place of love - not frilly fantasy love, but the Love of Self-worth and Joy.

This spring let us resurrect ourselves and one another from the constructs of our fear, our loneliness, the things that separate us from our fullness and one another. I love Easter/the Resurrection. If sin is the separation from God/Divinity, the Incarnation reveals to us that that separation is false. The image of God is inside each of us, so who are we not to be beautiful? Not to be loved? Not to be bold? Not to be powerful?


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